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Le lundi 24 octobre 2016
TVA Group


The new TVA.CA website and TVA mobile app make expanded video inventory available to advertisers.

The new TVA.CA website and TVA mobile app provide audiences with access to TVA programming live or on demand, anywhere, anytime. Viewers can watch their favourite shows, such as La Voix Junior, Boomerang, Salut Bonjour and L’Échappée, on the web or on their mobile device, and advertisers can access an expanded advertising inventory on a portfolio of flagship shows that lead the Québec ratings.

The TVA.CA website and TVA app are TVA Group’s response to changing audience expectations. Increasingly, viewers want to be able to watch the content that interests them live or on demand, when they want, where they want, on the screen of their choice. By enhancing access to its programs, TVA is significantly expanding the video inventory available to advertisers, particularly when it comes to long-form French-language video content. 

“The new cross-platform video service we are launching today makes it possible for users to enjoy a wide range of rich content,” said Donald Lizotte, Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales & Marketing of Quebecor Media Group. “Our advertisers will be pleased to be able to take advantage of this new premium inventory which lets them reach all audiences effectively.”

About Quebecor Media Group

Quebecor Media Group is a news and entertainment leader that comprises newspapers, book publishing, TVA Group Inc., out-of-home, printing and distribution operations, as well as an advertising sales and marketing unit and a press agency. Through its brands, Quebecor Media Group delivers the best possible customer experience and supports the dissemination of culture.

About and the TVA app

The new TVA.CA website and TVA mobile app, launched in fall 2016, give users free access to TVA programs in high definition, live or on demand. The site and app also offer many other features. Users can catch up on shows from the previous seven days, watch exclusive original content, pause and resume play on a different screen and receive customized suggestions. Users can also access programming from five specialty channels: addikTV, Casa, Moi&cie, Prise 2 and Yoopa.

To watch TVA live or on demand, go to

or download the TVA app.

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