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Quebecor and C2 Montreal launch P.I.T.C.H, the first competition for TV formats in Quebec

Le lundi 23 février 2015

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Quebecor and C2 Montreal launch P.I.T.C.H,
the first competition for TV formats in Quebec

Will the next revolution in TV come from Quebec?

MONTREAL, February 23, 2015 – Quebecor, in collaboration with C2 Montreal, invites all television and film media creators and designers to a formidable challenge: to pitch "the" big idea that could give rise to a new TV format that’s likely to appeal to producers and — who knows? — possibly reach across the planet!

The P.I.T.C.H competition offers an unprecedented opportunity to put daring, innovation and imagination in the spotlight! Open to all designers — professional or not — aged 18 and older, Canadian citizens residing in Quebec, P.I.T.C.H wants to showcase the breadth and strength of Quebec’s audiovisual creativity. Non-scripted television formats, original and unpublished, as long as the intellectual property is fully owned by the individual submitters, will be eligible.

Three P.I.T.C.H grants will offer something to inspire participants. The first prize consists of a $25,000 development grant offered by the Quebecor Fund. The second prize, offered by Armoza Formats, entitles the recipient to participate in the April 2016 MIPFormats in Cannes. The third prize will be a four-week development course with the QMI Content Creation team.

Will the next La Voix, Les enfants de la télé or L’amour est dans le pré come from Quebec? That’s the P.I.T.C.H competition challenge!

Participation is simple
To enter the P.I.T.C.H competition, simply submit an outline of a TV format by April 15, 2015.

Proposals will be evaluated under the supervision of Quebecor. Selected finalists will then be retained for four weeks to work on and submit their presentations to a jury of five public figures from the audiovisual industry in Quebec and abroad during the 2015 edition of C2 Montreal, to be held from May 26 to 28.

“Quebecor’s commitment to supporting and promoting the reach of Quebecers’ creativity is behind how the competition was designed with our partner, C2 Montreal,” says France Lauzière, Senior Vice-President, Content, QMI Content and Vice-President, Programming, TVA Group. “This project also aims to demonstrate Quebecers’ extraordinary creative potential and then spread our ideas across all borders.”

“Producers and broadcasters are all looking for the next star format that will revolutionize TV and capture audiences from around the globe. For creators of all ages and all categories this is a great opportunity — one that is almost constant. Lastly, for the local industry, it’s also the opportunity to further maintain and control intellectual property in Quebec,” says Serge Thibaudeau, President and CEO, Quebecor Fund.

“C2 Montréal has a very specific goal: to create and enhance synergies between commerce and creativity. As such, the P.I.T.C.H contest is a perfect illustration of what we want to accomplish. We are looking forward to working on such a stimulating project with Quebecor's teams,” says Richard St-Pierre, President of C2 Montreal.

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About C2 Montréal – 2015 Edition: May 26-28
C2 Montréal aims to reinvent the concept of the annual international conference, in order to better explore the “commerce-creativity” dynamic and its potential to redefine the business world. Every year, this three-day immersive event assembles renowned innovators from varied backgrounds. Participants are plunged into an intellectual and experiential environment that stimulates the left and right sides of their brains in order to develop their creative leadership skills. C2 Montréal features a tremendous variety of non-traditional experiences including presentations by renowned speakers, interactive exhibitions, multimedia presentations and collaborative workshops, all of which are held in an unconventional “Innovation Village” conceived exclusively by and for C2 Montréal. C2 Montréal was imagined by the Sid Lee creative agency in collaboration with Founding Partner Cirque du Soleil, Leadership Partner Microsoft, and Content and Media Partner Fast Company magazine.

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