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Notice of Appointment: Quebecor Content and TVA Group

Le mardi 7 Novembre 2017
Quebecor Content

Notice of Appointment: Quebecor Content and TVA Group

France Lauzière, President and CEO, TVA Group, and Chief of Content, Quebecor Content, is pleased to announce new management appointments at Quebecor Content and TVA Group. These changes will allow the company to continue to stand out as a leader in content development, broadcast and distribution, in a rapidly evolving industry.

Quebecor Content

Ms. Lauzière announces the appointment of Yann Paquet as Vice President, Quebecor Content. He will be responsible for brands and content, as well as acquisitions and international development.

To support him in his mandate, Yann Paquet will rely on the expertise of Ginette Viens, Vice President, Brands & Content, who is responsible for all original productions developed for the TVA Group and Videotron platforms. Building on her numerous achievements and the stellar reputation she has acquired in the industry over the past few years, she will continue to work with her exceptional team to create and develop content that stands out and connects with Quebec audiences.

In addition, Yann Paquet is appointing Christine Maestracci as Senior Director, Acquisitions. In this role, she will lead the team responsible for content and format acquisitions across all platforms, as well as strategic partnerships with major studios and content distributors.

Yann Paquet is also announcing the appointment of Ariane Lahière as Director, Administration and Financing. Her responsibilities will include negotiating content acquisition agreements with the independent production industry.

“I’m delighted to build on the success achieved through the years with France Lauzière and the entire Quebecor Content team,” explains Yann Paquet, Vice President, Quebecor Content. “I have a solid team to pursue the mandate of creating, developing and acquiring the best content for all our platforms. Our objective is to continually meet the expectations of Quebec audiences by offering them unexpected, unique and distinctive content, and showcase that content and its creators across international markets.”

As a reminder, Yann Paquet has held several positions since joining the Quebecor family in 2011, including Vice President, Multiplatform Content, for Videotron, and Vice President, Acquisitions & International Development, for Quebecor Content.

TVA Group

France Lauzière is also establishing a new Vice President position within TVA Group, which will be filled by Martin Picard. His mandate will be to optimize and intensify the Group’s efforts in terms of leveraging content across all our platforms and developing new business models. As a result, he will be responsible for the management of the Programming, Communications, Marketing and TVA Films divisions. He will be supported by Suzane Landry, Senior Director, Programming; Véronique Mercier, Vice President, Communications; Claude Foisy, Vice President, Marketing; and Carole Labrie, Director, Acquisitions & Sales, TVA Films.

“I’m very excited to be taking on this new challenge with such an experienced team,” says Martin Picard, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Content. “TVA is the undisputed content leader, and my priority will be to showcase that content across all our platforms.”

Martin Picard has been a member of the TVA family since 2002, and he has 20 years of management experience in a range of positions, including with independent production companies, as well as financing organizations in the cultural and communications sectors. Until this nomination, he held the position of Senior Director, Administration and Financing, Quebecor Content.

“Martin, Yann and several members of their teams are long-time collaborators who have been intrinsically linked to the success of TVA Group and Quebecor Content over the past few years,” adds France Lauzière, President and CEO, TVA Group, and Chief of Content, Quebecor Content. “They’ve played very active roles in establishing our innovative content management and distribution strategies. With their leadership and the support of their teams, we will continue to develop content-based strategies, to innovate, and to deliver outstanding content development and distribution across all our platforms.”

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