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Special Coverage of Hurricane Irma: LCN Sets a New Audience Record

Le lundi 11 septembre 2017

Special Coverage of Hurricane Irma
LCN Sets a New Audience Record


Montreal, September 11, 2017 –  LCN set a new audience record this weekend with its exceptional on-site and in-studio coverage of hurricane Irma, including live testimonials from Quebecers in Florida. LCN finished way ahead of its competitors, with a market share of 13.3% on Saturday, compared to 4.8% for RDI. On Sunday, the gap was 12.6% vs. 6.4%, once again in favour of LCN.

LCN was the weekend’s most-watched specialty channel, with an average viewership of 204,000 (and a per-minute peak of 372,000) on Saturday, and 211,000 (with a per-minute peak of 417,000) on Sunday. The station even surpassed the average viewership of conventional networks Radio-Canada and V.

“These weekend results clearly demonstrate that when something big is happening, either locally or around the world, Quebecers turn to LCN,” declared Serge Fortin, Vice President, TVA Nouvelles. “Our team did a remarkable job, and we want to thank those Quebecers who gave us live descriptions of their experiences as Irma was touching down.” 

A free preview of LCN is available until September 21.

Source: Numeris, French Quebec, September 9-10, 2017, 6am-11pm, T2+


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