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Yann Paquet appointed VP, Acquisitions & International Development of Quebecor Content

Le lundi 16 janvier 2017
Quebecor Content


Yann Paquet appointed VP, Acquisitions & International Development of Quebecor Content

MONTRÉAL, January 16, 2017 – France Lauzière, Senior Vice President, Quebecor
Content, and Vice President, Programming, TVA Group, is pleased to announce the
appointment of Yann Paquet as Vice President, Acquisitions & International Development
of Quebecor Content, effective immediately.
Yann Paquet has been responsible for television content acquisitions for all Quebecor
group platforms since 2013. In his new position, he adds content and format exports and
development of international business relationships and partnerships for Quebecor
Content and Quebecor Media Group’s various platforms to his current duties. He will lead
Quebecor Content’s efforts to bring the work of Québec artists to international audiences,
in accordance with its mission.

“Since he joined Quebecor Content, Yann’s leadership has produced a string of innovative
agreements and partnerships, which have yielded numerous acquisitions that our
audiences have greeted with enthusiasm,” said France Lauzière. “Letting Yann go further
in this direction by giving him responsibility for international development was a natural
move. In his new role, Yann will be able to leverage the business relationships we have
created in recent years with the global industry leaders and form new ones.”

Before joining Quebecor Content in 2013 as Vice President, Acquisitions & Partnerships,
Yann Paquet was Vice President, Multiplatform Content of Videotron. He previously
served as Vice President, Digital Media & Strategic Partnerships at Reader’s Digest
Canada. Yann Paquet also worked at CBC/Radio Canada for 10 years. He holds a
bachelor’s degree in communications and journalism from Université du Québec à
Montréal and a graduate degree in international journalism from Université Laval and the
École supérieure de journalisme in Lille, France.

About Quebecor Content
Quebecor Content, a wholly owned business unit of Quebecor Media Inc., creates,
develops, acquires, distributes and exports distinctive, high-quality audio-visual content,
providing consumers with a multi-platform experience via Videotron and TVA Group
services and promoting Quebec artists at home and abroad.

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