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Quebecor Media Group Innovates with the Launch of Its New Immersion Video Advertising Format

Le lundi 27 juin 2016
Québecor Groupe Média
Quebecor Media Group Innovates with the Launch of Its New Immersion Video Advertising Format
Montreal, June 20, 2016 — Quebecor Media Group is pleased to announce the official launch of Immersion, a new video advertising format developed internally. This innovative technology deploys high-resolution videos in full-screen mode in a format that’s perfectly integrated to the design of the majority of the company’s websites.
A Truly Immersive Experience
More than a traditional advertising format, Immersion takes Internet users to the very heart of a genuine audiovisual experience. As the page loads, the ad deploys progressively, while still leaving the website’s main navigational elements visible. Visitors can instantaneously watch the video, with a choice to either activate or deactivate the audio. They can also access the website’s editorial content at any time, simply by scrolling down.
Easier Production: All You Need Is a Video and a Logo
With Immersion, national and local advertisers now have a new, premium video advertising inventory at their disposal within the Quebecor network. Immersion only requires HD 1080 video and a logo. Formatting is quick and results are instantaneous. Another advantage of this new format is that videos can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. “This new format makes it easy for a brand to leverage existing content and reduce video advertising production costs,” notes Mr. Donald Lizotte, Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales, Quebecor Media Group and Vice President, Sales & Marketing, TVA Group.
Spectacular Results
Immersion was developed with the goal of offering Internet users a unique advertising experience, while delivering spectacular results to Quebecor Media Group’s advertising clients. “We are especially proud of this major innovation,” adds Mr. Lizotte. “Only a few weeks after it was put to market, it’s already performing exceptionally well. Based on user tests conducted by Imarklab, a partner firm of Léger, this ad format attracts 38 times more attention than the double big-box format, and it attracts the eye 32 times more quickly than a single big-box – and users don’t perceive any advertising increase on the website.”
Immersion in Action
For a concrete demonstration of how Immersion works, click on the demo link (Lexus campaign):
About Quebecor Media Group
Quebecor Media Group is a news and entertainment media leader that comprises newspapers, book publishing, TVA Group Inc., out-of-home, printing and distribution operations, as well as an advertising sales unit and a press agency. Through its brands, Quebecor Media Group delivers the best possible customer experience and supports the dissemination of culture.
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