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TVA Publications confirms its position as the publisher of Canada’s leading fashion, women’s lifestyle, home decor, entertainment news and sports magazines

Le jeudi 14 avril 2016
TVA Publications

TVA Publications confirms its position as the publisher of Canada’s leading fashion, women’s lifestyle, home decor, entertainment news

and sports magazines


TVA Publications is proud to announce that with more than 9 million readers on all platforms it has maintained its leading position in Canada’s magazine industry.

With nearly 2.7 million readers across all platforms for its French titles, TVA Publications remains the top publisher of French-language magazines in Québec. In English Canada, it has 6.8 million readers per issue.

“We are very proud to have Canada’s leading titles in our portfolio and we thank our readers for their continued loyalty and their commitment to our brands,” said Lucie Dumas, Vice President Group Publisher, Magazine Division. “Magazines remain a powerful vehicle for reaching Canadian consumers where they live, work and play, and the new readership numbers released today demonstrate that our business and content strategies are meeting our customers’ expectations.”


#1 publisher of lifestyle mags in Canada

Canadian Living is Canada’s most widely read English-language women’s magazine with close to 3 million readers* and the largest-circulation women’s magazine with more than 460,000 print copies sold*** per issue.

Its sister magazine Coup de pouce has the largest readership in print of any Québec magazine with over 1 million readers and is Québec’s most-read lifestyle magazine with more than 1.2 million readers across all platforms.

As cooking and good food are the stuff of life, Canadian Living and Coup de pouce are devoured by 1.8 million and 607,000 foodies per month respectively, a total of nearly 2.4 million people who love food and are loyal to our brands.


Canada’s fashion destination

TVA Publications’ fashion magazines reach more than 2.2 million Canadians each month on all platforms. Elle Canada is Canada’s leading fashion magazine with nearly 1.6 million readers across all platforms and Canada’s best-selling fashion magazine with 110,843 print copies distributed per month.

On the French side, ELLE Québec is the most popular magazine with Québec’s fashionistas and the most-read French-language fashion magazine with 556,000 readers.

Among young people in sync with the latest trends, digital content is more popular than ever and Cool! continues to attract members of Generation Z in Québec on all platforms, boasting 242,000 readers.


All the latest celebrity news at the reader’s fingertips

TVA Publications’ French-language weeklies – 7 JOURS, La Semaine, TV Hebdo, Star Système, DH and Échos Vedettes – reach nearly 1.1 million readers on all platforms each week. 7 JOURS is the uncontested leader with nearly 600,000 readers, making it the top weekly in Québec. La Semaine confirmed its position as the magazine for the whole family with 390,000 readers per week, while TV Hebdo remains the preferred source for television viewers.


The home decor leader

TVA Publications’ home decor magazines remain a benchmark for readers interested in design and renovation. A total of nearly 2.6 million multiplatform readers across Canada look for decorating ideas in TVA Publications’ magazines.

In English Canada, Style at Home, with more than 1.6 million readers on all platforms, is the top decorating magazine among women aged 25 to 54**.

In Québec, nearly 1 million multiplatform readers find inspiration in our decorating magazines – Les idées de ma maison, Chez Soi and Fleurs, Plantes et Jardins. Les idées de ma maison strengthened its position as the #1 decorating magazine with 621,000 multiplatform readers.


The gold standard for hockey fans

The Hockey News remains the most popular magazine for sports fans with more than 1.8 million readers on all platforms, including 1.4 million men, making it the country’s top sports magazine. The digital version attracts nearly 1.1 million readers and the print version a remarkable 1.4 million readers.

“As always, we are putting the consumer at the centre of our multiplatform strategies,” said Lucie Dumas, Vice President Group Publisher, Magazine Division. “The latest Vividata numbers confirm that a cross-platform strategy in tune with readers’ interests is the right way to go. We have now also added Molto, the new digital newsstand we launched this week which makes the content of all our magazines available on tablets and smartphones, giving our readers the freedom to choose the medium that suits them best.”



Vividata 2015 Q4, Total Canada, 12+

Vividata 2015 Q4, Total Canada, 12+/ *Total Canada, women 12+ / ** English Canada, F25-54 yrs / ***AAM, December 2015

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