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TVA Group launches Molto digital newsstand to bring content from all its magazines to mobile devices

Le mardi 12 avril 2016
TVA Publications

TVA Group today announced the launch of Molto, a new digital newsstand that gives users full, unlimited access to the content of all its magazines on their tablets and smartphones.

“The magazine industry is changing fast,” noted Lucie Dumas, Vice-President Group Publisher, Magazine Division. “We are launching Molto to stay ahead of consumer adoption of multiple content delivery methods. Molto offers our readers a versatile 24-hour newsstand stocked with Canada’s leading magazines, making our publications that much more accessible.”

With the lowest-priced monthly subscription, Molto users will enjoy unlimited access to all TVA Publications titles, including Coup de pouce, Canadian Living, 7 Jours, La Semaine, Elle Québec, Elle Canada, TV Hebdo, Chez Soi and many more.

Molto is a user-friendly app with a simple, intuitive interface that provides users with a fluid navigation experience. It was developed by miLibris Solutions Inc., TVA Publications’ partner in this project. miLibris Solutions Inc. is the developer of the reader apps for digital versions of Le Figaro and the New York Daily News, the ePresse app and the Read and Go app for Orange customers.

Print magazines are here to stay

The launch of Molto adds a digital platform to TVA Publications’ already solid offerings. Molto will meet the needs of users who want to be able to read magazine content on multiple platforms and to enjoy the freedom to choose the one that suits them best. TVA Publications remains fully committed to print magazines as a core component of its business strategy.

Introductory offer

From the app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play, subscribers can sign up for the full plan priced at $8.49 per month to access the digital newsstand and read Canada’s leading magazines in a single ecosystem. The first month is free for new subscribers. 

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